Divest Willamette support

To All Current Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff of Willamette University:

350 Salem is assisting students at Willamette University who are interested in promoting divestment of campus funds from the fossil fuel industry. Our role in this effort is to try to solicit student, alumni, faculty and staff signatures on a divestment petition. If you or someone you know who is affiliated with Willamette in any of these ways is interested in campus divestment—perhaps your neighbor down the street, or the gentleman at church that you talk to in the parking lot, or the woman who processed your mortgage loan–please let them know of this effort. You can copy and paste this and send in an email. Or you can refer them the 350 Salem Facebook page or let them know about this page on our beautiful, new and improved website at 350salemor.org. Please help us get the word out. I plan on speaking at the next Alumni Association Board meeting in February to try and garner their official endorsement, and I would love to have as many signatures as possible.
Divest Willamette University From Fossil Fuels

The recent election results make it all too clear—citizens concerned about climate change must refocus their energies and resources at the state, local, and institutional levels to force action on climate change. We are unlikely to have leadership in this regard at the federal level. We need to step up our game.

Here is what we know: Climate change is accelerating. We are witnessing the increasing impacts of a warming planet more and more consistently. Experts agree that global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels will continue to accelerate and intensify these tragic climate disasters. The scientific consensus is clear and overwhelming: we cannot safely burn even half of global fossil-fuel reserves without dangerously warming the planet for several thousand years. 

Willamette University’s stated mission is to “prepare graduates to transform knowledge into action.” Now more than ever, it is vital that we transform knowledge into action. Students, alumni, faculty and staff must persuade President Thorsett and the Willamette University Board of Trustees to divest from fossil fuels. It’s time our beloved institution stop giving social license to an industry which values corporate profits over life itself. We need to say loudly and unequivocally that it is wrong to wreck the planet for the temporary profit of a tiny elite of the population. Never before has humanity faced a challenge of this magnitude. Let us join the over 400 schools, faith groups and other institutions around the world that have called out the fossil fuel industry by divesting from their companies. Check out all the entities who have divested at http://gofossilfree.org/commitments/. You’ll see. We are in good company.

Here is the link to my petition:  http://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/divest-willamette-university-from-fossil-fuels-1

Let us rise to the promise of Willamette’s motto: “Not to ourselves alone are we born.” Please sign this petition and then email, Facebook or Twitter it on to other members of the Willamette University community. Spread the word.

Let’s make a difference!

Linda Wallmark