350 Salem OR is a chapter of international climate justice movement 350.org. The mission of 350 Salem OR is to build an inclusive grassroots movement that targets keeping fossil fuels in the ground, advocates for a just transition to a renewable energy economy, and supports community-based resilience in response to the climate crisis. We subscribe to the 350.org Organizing Principles.

We are organized into a Hub that conducts our chapter business, makes decisions about what activities 350 Salem OR will endorse, forms or dissolves Action Groups, and approves spending.  Action Groups initiate and carry out projects, programs and campaigns. Each Action Group has a Facilitator who coordinates Group Activities and Reports to the Hub.  The Coordinators set Hub meeting agendas and can make decisions on issues that come up between meetings.

The Hub is made up of Action Group Facilitators, three Coordinators, the Treasurer, and Members. The Hub meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Hub meetings and Action Groups are open to anyone interested in our work. All are welcome and encouraged to attend Hub meeetings and share their thoughts, however only members can vote on chapter business. To become  voting member, you must attend at least two meetings a year and affirm by signature your acceptance of the 350 Salem OR Mission Statement and 350.org Manifesto.

Action Groups are a good way to be involved in activities you are particularly interested in.  Action Group participants do not need to be voting “members” of 350 or to attend Hub meetings.

Hub meetings are twice a month at 945 Columbia St. NE Salem: on the 2nd Sunday at 2:30 pm, beginning with a social gathering; and on the Last Tuesday at 6:45 pm  .

Occasionally we have a guest speaker or in-depth discussion at our Sunday meeting for our own education on a topic of interest or a presentation from a partner group.

Occasionally during the year one we will present a public forum to which we  invite the Salem community.